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Know Your Architecture: Why the Craftsman style is so uniquely American

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There can be many moving parts — and lots of homes to consider — when it comes to buying the perfect house for you. One great way to narrow down your choices? Determine what architectural styles you prefer. Here, we give you the lowdown on one very popular American style: the Craftsman home. Find out what makes this architectural style so special — and why it is still so popular today.

A very brief history 

American Craftsman architecture is easily recognizable thanks to its simple style. It was [...]

Architecture Styles 101: The 9 Most Popular Home Styles in North Texas (and How They Came to Be)

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When you’re looking for a home to buy, it can help you in your search if you’re familiar with the different architecture styles popular in your area — and which one(s) would be ideal for your needs. Here, your primer on the nine top types of homes you’ll find across North Texas, their origins and what makes them so unique. (Don’t miss our online guide, with nearby homes for sale in the various styles, at [...]

Homebuilders dish the dirt on style trends, the new must-have amenities and more

Each Friday, Robbie Briggs, CEO of Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty, writes about luxury, trends, business and more in the advertising pages of the Mansion section of The Wall Street Journal. Below is his letter of August 6, 2021.


Real estate agents aren’t the only ones negotiating one of the hottest markets we have ever seen. Homebuilders are, too. Because there is such a tight supply of existing houses for sale, all eyes are suddenly on [...]

Your guide to Midcentury Modern style (and why homeowners and buyers are wild about it)

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Though there are dozens of factors that go into buying or building a home, many people envision what they hope “to do with the place” once they move in. And, while there are many decorating styles to choose from, your preferences might actually start with the architectural style of the home itself — in other words, how it’s designed — before you actually make it yours. Midcentury Modern is one architectural style that has stood the test of time — especially in Texas, where [...]

Mad for mod: Why Midcentury Modern architecture is hotter than ever

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The 1960s is known as the era of bell-bottoms and lava lamps. But the distinctive home and architecture trends that made their mark on that decade have lasted far longer than those fads. This groovy decade was a turning point for home architecture and interior design, and iconic elements are still revered today. Midcentury Modern brings nature in via its walls of windows. It’s a refreshing way to live, harmoniously with the outdoors. The clean lines of Midcentury Modern architecture [...]

Beyond the Ranch: 4 Other Hot Home Styles in Texas

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When it comes to Texas, there is so much more than ranches. Though the long, low ranch-house style is arguably the most-recognized style in the Lone Star state, it’s definitely not the only option out there. From Craftsman to Midcentury Modern, Texas architecture is filled with different styles, offering something for everyone. If you’re moving to Texas or staying in-state but looking for a change, consider these other popular styles to find the perfect home for [...]

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