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Beyond the Ranch: 4 Other Hot Home Styles in Texas

When it comes to Texas, there is so much more than ranches. Though the long, low ranch-house style is arguably the most-recognized style in the Lone Star state, its definitely not the only option out there. From Craftsman to Midcentury Modern, Texas architecture is filled with different styles, offering something for everyone. If youre moving to Texas or staying in-state but looking for a change, consider these other popular styles to find the perfect home for you. 


As a major farming region, its no surprise that farmhouse-style homes are common throughout Texas. Traditionally built in agricultural areas, todays farmhouses like their predecessors are defined by practicality. Though Texas is known for its rich agricultural land, farmhouses arent isolated to one area of the state. And, they can be found statewide in cities, too, such as Dallas, Austin and Houston.

Most farmhouses feature large outdoor spaces such as wraparound porches that blend together indoor and outdoor living. They also often have large kitchens that serve as the heart of the home, and other classical design elements such as whitewashed walls, oversized doors and exposed wood or brick that give them a rustic overall feel. 


Popular at the turn of the 20th century, Craftsman-style homes are filled with refined details. First popularized as a way to stray away from mass manufacturing, they are defined by handcrafted details and locally sourced materials. Typically, Craftsman homes have triangular roofs with eaves that extend out past the house. Using design elements such as rafters and brackets, they also often have oversized front porches with large and thick square columns. Wooden siding is the typical finishing touch to the exterior, to give it a natural look.

Inside, wood accents are a strong indicator of a Craftsman home, with built-in shelving, wooden window boxes and ceiling beams being common details. All of the woodwork is designed to showcase the local materials, and it elegantly blends together the interior and exterior parts of the home. Like farmhouses, the Craftsman style can be found throughout most of Texass major cities including Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and Austin. 


As one of the oldest styles of architecture in the United States, Colonial homes have a classic feel. Though they are typically associated with older cities along the east coast, such as Boston or Philadelphia, Colonial homes can be found anywhere, including Texas and especially in North Texas.

Colonial homes are very traditional, and often have perfectly symmetrical two-story facades. Dormer windows on the second floor are a popular characteristic, along with a large chimney at the center  or one on each side  of the house. The homes interior is usually outfitted in mostly wood, with a simple and symmetrical center-hall layout that mimics the exterior style. 

Midcentury Modern

Midcentury Modern is an all-encompassing term that defines architecture and furniture from the mid-1930s through the mid-1960s. The style is defined by clean lines and natural materials, prioritizing simplicity overall. Popularized by architects such as Joseph Eichler and furniture designers Ray and Charles Eames, these homes are typically defined by their minimal style. They have very simple lines, blending together both organic and geometric shapes to create something totally new.

Midcentury homes use mostly traditional materials such as wood, but also incorporate non-traditional materials as well, such as metal, glass, slate, terrazzo or Lucite. With large windows and sliding doors, Midcentury Modern homes strive to integrate nature into the design to create a harmonious indoor and outdoor living environment. These homes are especially popular in North Texas, where the flat landscapes serve as the perfect backdrop for this typically long, low, horizontal style.

No matter what type of home you love, Briggs Freeman Sothebys International Realty has properties to suit all preferences. From classical Craftsman to Midcentury-inspired styles, we have some of the most unique homes for sale throughout North Texas.

Pictured at top: charming traditional style architecture at our listing located at 3405 Bryn Mawr Drive

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