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Life inside the #1 luxury brokerage in Texas: Amazing properties, influential people, a lot of fun


Luxury real estate

The page-turner: President Russ Anderson on one great magazine and many great pleasures

Briggs Freeman Magazine

One of life's pleasures? A richly curated magazine. There is nothing like it. The tactile feel of the paper. The discovery as you turn the pages. The design of it all. Somehow, after enjoying one — really digging in — it feels like you’ve been on an adventure. Here's ours.

CEO Robbie Briggs, on why you shouldn't always believe the headlines

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"Don’t always believe the headlines. Do some research. Talk to experts. And, don’t let negativity sway you. Sensational headlines sell ads and get clicks."




The witty Mark Twain once wrote back to a reporter who had asked him if [...]

Architectural Showdown: Ranch vs. Craftsman (and the backstory on both)

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When choosing the style of home you’re looking for, it’s important to explore all of your options. Though both Craftsman, also referred to as Bungalow, and Ranch homes may look similar to the untrained eye, there are significant differences you’d want to consider when evaluating them as a potential home option.

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