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Closet Confidential: 5 quick fixes for organizing and upgrading your closets (whether you are selling or staying)

Be honest: When you walk into your closet, is it a disaster zone? When youre short on hanging space, need more drawers or simply dont have the time to put things back where they belong, closets can quickly become a dumping ground and a black hole. Instead of giving up and tolerating the chaos, there are some quick fixes you can employ to declutter the space and help keep your closet organized.

1. Organize clothing by color

Every time you go into your closet, do you spend extra time on the hunt for a particular piece? Do you never seem to be able to find that sweater that will look great with those jeans? Consider upgrading your organizational system. Hanging your clothes by color is an easy way to always find the piece youre looking for in just a few seconds. Whether you hang by type and then by color, or vice versa, this is an easy hack that helps you save time and it gives your closet an instantly put-together look. Whether its for your eyes only or to impress prospective buyers, organizing by color shoes included will give your closet a professional-looking and practical edge.

closet organization by color

2. Add extra drawers

While most closets have ample hanging space, theyre often short on one key thing: drawer space. Instead of adding an extra dresser to the bedroom or hanging all of your clothes some things are much better stored folded, such as sweaters there is another organizational option: freestanding drawers. Bigger than the plastic bins youve seen in dorm rooms and apartments, think metal, fabric, rattan or manufactured-wood drawers that are more sophisticated options that deliver on both form and function. Add some to your closet for tucking away items such as workout clothes, sweaters, undergarments and seasonal items, to help keep the space from being cluttered and to create a more streamlined and functional closet space.

3. Bring in the bins, dividers and organizers

Unless youve custom-designed your closet, there are likely storage spaces that arent quite the size or shape you need them to be. Add a few organizational tricks here and there to make the spaces work for you namely in the form on bins, dividers and organizers. Some examples? Add drawer dividers to your sock drawer, slip signage dividers onto your hanging rods and add clear dividers to your shelf space. This way, every item has a specific home, and it will be easier to maintain your organization once you implement it.

closet organization storage

4. Label everything

Add labels for a finishing detail that will elevate your closet to professional standards. But, labels arent just aesthetic accents: Theyre a practical detail, too, since they make it easier for you or anyone to find something in your closet without digging or searching endlessly. Add labels to storage bins, rod dividers and drawers so that you always know where every item should go. Bonus tip: Instead of using an office label maker, explore other options. Websites such as Etsy have a nearly endless supply of labels in different sizes, fonts and styles, allowing you to pick a design that fits the overall aesthetic of your interior. From sleek and modern fonts to fluid script styles, and from clear acrylic dividers to more colorful alternatives, ideal closet signage is available for every taste.

5. Add extra lighting

Most closets are window-free, which can result in a dark look and feel. Think creatively about how you can add some brightness. A floor lamp is an instant way to add light to a closet. (Just make sure its bulb is nowhere near any clothing.) If you have a dresser or island in your closet, bring in a table lamp: It will not only help light the space but will also add some design character. If you dont have room lamps, add wall sconces for a solution that is both highly decorative and imminently practical. If space is at a real premium, opt for lightweight, overhead, battery-operated lights that affix with adhesive strips or screws. One example? One of the many ceiling lights on the market that are shaped like hockey pucks and come in lots of colors and finishes.

Why change up your closet space?

Whether youre looking to upgrade your closets to impress buyers or you just want to create a little Zen calm for yourself, these closet organization tips could transform how you think about your storage space, overall. And, if you need even more space, the agents of Briggs Freeman Sothebys International Realty have the solution: the perfect new home that better fits you and your things.

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