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Next-Level Living: 9 ways to elevate your outdoor space or backyard

An outdoor space  or multiple spaces, if youre lucky  can make a big difference in the enjoyment of your home. If you have grass, a terrace, a balcony, a covered patio or a combination, you want it all to be as inviting and stylish as it can be. But, upgrading the outdoors into an area that will wow your guests  and make you want to spend all your time there  doesnt have to be complicated. Adding just a few unexpected features can help create the serene, chic space of your dreams. 

Here are some alfresco ideas that will take you one step closer to that perfect outdoor space.

1. Put up something gorgeous and green

You can never have too many plants not even in your already-green garden. A living wall also called a green wall or vertical garden  is a great way to delineate a certain area of your backyard and add some architectural interest. A living wall is a wall covered with plants that are growing in containers or on special material attached to the wall. Once the wall is up, you can hang planters from the ridges on the wall and move them around, according to your fancy. For extra ease, set up an automatic watering system that will keep your flowers and plants alive, even when youre out of town.

2. Turn up your outdoor lighting game

If youre going to spend all the evenings you can hanging out with guests or family in your backyard, the right lighting is so important. Not only should outdoor lights make it bright enough to see, read or do whatever else you plan outside after sundown, they should also create a pleasant atmosphere. 

Opt for warm-glow light bulbs in yellow and orange tones, rather than colder white ones, and get creative with your light sources. You can mix it up beautifully with wall lights, string lights, hanging lights, lanterns  the possibilities are many!

outdoor lighting

3. Add a dreamy daybed

When it comes to outdoor seating, youve likely got a dining table and chairs already. That said, having other types of seating outside can make your deck, garden or patio feel more like an open-air home, where every family member can take up an area and feel extra-comfortable. A daybed not only creates extra seating in that way, but can also look quite beautiful, especially if you choose one with a canopy, and enhance it with a selection of cushions. One or two people can lie on it, or it can make a fantastic substitute for a couch during a party.

outdoor daybed

4. Roll out an outdoor rug

If your outdoor space has a concrete or tile floor, it may feel a bit cold sometimes. In that case, an outdoor area rug can warm things up and make your outdoor space look even more homelike. Make sure to pick a rug big enough to extend out from under your seating, table or daybed depending on what you plan to place on top of it.

5. Install a playhouse for the kids

Whether you have children of your own or you sometimes host friends and familys children, a playhouse can really add to your outdoor dcor. Little ones will love playing in one of these pretend houses, and they go just as nicely on grass as they do on decking.

outdoor playhouse for kids

6. Tie in to your interior dcor

If your house opens directly onto the backyard space, try blurring the lines between the two to create a sense of harmony. For this, use some of the same materials and color schemes for your outdoor space that already feature inside your home. That way, indoors and outdoors will seamlessly complement each other, creating the illusion of one big, boundaryless space.

7. Make it a movie under the stars

Who doesnt love an outdoor movie night? Well, prepare your blankets and popcorn, because creating a cinema outside your home has never been easier. All you need is a projector and a screen which could even be one of your homes walls, if theyre a light-enough color. Now all thats left to do is for everyone to agree on what to watch easier said than done, we know!

8. Calm things down with water

Water features have a way of elevating any space and lowering stres. You could install a small fountain, for example, which does wonders for that serene feel. A soothing spa tub makes another very welcome addition, as do koi ponds and even water lilies in a simple pot. And, though not water features per se, outdoor showers and bathtubs not only look luxurious but theyre also perfect for a quick refresh after a day spent gardening, or after a dip in the pool.

9. Light a flickering fire

To add to the cozy feel of your outdoor space and warm up your guests on those chilly mid-season evenings  or you on those crisp mornings nothing beats a fire pit. These come in so many styles, from a rustic stone pit to a modern metallic one with sleek lines, and they are sure to bring your backyard to the next level. Theres just something about a fire pit that brings people together. (Think grown-up summer camp.)

Elevate Your Backyard

Need advice on whats hot  and whats not  when it comes to backyards and outdoor spaces? Talk to an agent at Briggs Freeman Sothebys International Realty, anytime. They are the experts in all things home, whether you are selling or buying or improving the one you already enjoy. 

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