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The Big Shift: Why Make the Move from California to Texas?

For a few years now, Californians have flocked to Texas for a variety of reasons. The two biggest ones? Major corporations continue to relocate to the Lone Star State and North Texas, in particular and the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the way (and where) people can remotely work. Many former California residents now know that moving to Texas can offer an equal or better lifestyle. The expert agents and relocation specialists of Briggs Freeman Sothebys International Realty have helped relocate thousands of West Coasters to the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area, and they hear the same reasons for the move over and over again. Yes, the two most populous states in the union have a lot in common but Texas outshines California in several major ways. Read on for five top reasons why making the move from California to Texas could be smarter than ever. 

Homebuyers in Texas get more bang for the buck

First and foremost, the housing market in North Texas offers homebuyers an inventory of fantastic homes in the most sought-after neighborhoods throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth region. According to several research studies, including this one from BestPlaces, the median home price in Dallas is only $259,800 compared to $883,400 in Los Angeles. Thats a whopping 240 percent more to live in California over Texas. So, selling a $1 million home in California and buying a home in Texas for the same price will yield far greater square footage and likely a great deal more land with the property, too.

Texas has a lower cost of living

Its no secret that the cost of living in California ranks among the highest in the nation, especially in major cities. By comparison, the major metropolitan markets in Texas offer an extremely similar lifestyle warm, sunny days almost all year long, and lots of cosmopolitan shopping, dining and diversions for far less money. Food (from groceries to dining out), entertainment, health care, childcare and home maintenance (from housekeeping to landscaping) all typically cost well below their equivalents in California. Plus, those making a move to the suburbs and more rural portions of Texas often see their dollars stretch even further. 

There is no state income tax in Texas

Another major factor in the cost of living being lower in Texas is the lack of a state income tax, something that considerably impacts millions of Californians. Because Texas residents keep more of their hard-earned money in the bank, they have access to more disposable income, on top of being able to procure goods and services cheaper than on the West Coast. (That makes for a win-win scenario for anyone moving to Texas from any location with a state income tax.)

moving california to texas

North Texas has plenty of wide-open spaces

Californians living on the coast will have an adjustment to make when it comes to the geography of North Texas, due to our lack of beaches and ocean in this part of the state. But purchasing a lake house has become the next-best thing for anyone who needs water in their lives. But, perhaps more importantly, most urban and suburban home lots in Dallas-Fort Worth are, on average, larger than their California counterparts, so homeowners can enjoy more space to spread out, and a lot more privacy, too. Dallas County alone also has 21 nature preserves in its jurisdiction, and only 42 percent of the City of Dallas total land has been developed. In fact, 27 percent of the land has been designated to remain green space, thanks to several initiatives in place. 

Texas has fewer business regulations than California

Business owners and major corporations continue to relocate from California to Texas, in large part because of Texas famous business-friendly government. The appeal of the Texas business environment has lured even more Fortune 500 companies and international corporations in recent years, with the northern parts of the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area welcoming several big players to the home turf. Just like the thousands of Californians who have now become Texans, companies are on to the many, many benefits and luxuries of living here.

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