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Selling Strategies: The Secrets to Staging a Small Bedroom

The bedrooms in a home matter a lot to its occupants  so if the ones in your home feel too small, you may understandably be worried about how potential buyers may react. But dont worry: When staging your home for selling, there are many things you can do to make your bedrooms appear larger. Here, we talk you through some of the best strategies for putting your bedrooms best foot forward.

Why great bedrooms are so important when selling your home

When buying a home, bedrooms are among the first things potential buyers will consider. Buyers these days are often looking for a house with three bedrooms, and they want a spacious primary suite as well as extra bedrooms. But clearing out bedrooms for showings and open houses may be a big mistake: Research shows that the impact of staging your rooms is vital. More than 80 percent of buyers prefer a home to be staged so that they can visualize what it would look like once they move in. While buyers care most about the staging of the living room, the primary bedroom is a close second, with 43 percent of buyers deeming it very important.

staging a small bedroom

But how to stage the smaller bedrooms?

Now that you know how important bedrooms are to homebuyers, here are some strategies for making your smaller bedrooms appear bigger, so that buyers may fall in love with your home even faster.

  1. Play with mirrors, metals and glass

Mirrors as well as other shiny surfaces such as metals and glass are the easiest trick when it comes to making a room seem bigger than it is. Mirrors reflect light and create the illusion of a larger space. And, because theyre flat and dont take up much physical space, its a win all around. Anything you can do to maximize the sources of light in a bedroom is a plus, so try placing mirrors across from windows to make the space feel even more expansive.

  1. Declutter every bedroom

Having lots of unnecessary knick knacks or worse, mess in your bedrooms when potential buyers are visiting is a big no-no. Its not just about your home looking messy, though, especially when it comes to small rooms. The thing about clutter is that it will take up space, making your bedroom look fuller and therefore smaller. So when staging your smallest bedrooms, avoid incorporating too many decorative objects that distract the eye, and focus on the essentials instead.

  1. Be strategic with lighting

Light and lighting is paramount when it comes to maximizing small spaces. Make sure to open any window coverings in your bedroom while potential buyers are visiting, to let in as much natural light as possible during the day. Additionally, have plenty of lamps strategically placed around the bedroom, on furniture and hanging from the ceiling, so that they dont take up additional space.

  1. Decorate in light neutrals or pastels

Dark colors, though wonderfully dramatic, can make a small bedroom feel smaller, so pay close attention to the tones youre using when staging. If the walls arent already painted a light or neutral color, consider giving them a makeover  youll be surprised how much of a difference it truly makes. Keep to these lighter tones, too, for bedding, furniture and any other decorative elements youre using. People will absolutely love these spaces when you employ natural and pastel tones.

  1. Use a smaller bed

Although king beds look and are  luxurious, if you try to fit one into a small bedroom it will only take up lots of space and make the room look smaller. Instead, try using a smaller double bed, or a twin bed for a kids or guests room. This will free up more space and make your bedrooms look more balanced and spacious. You can also place a rug under the bed (make sure its quite a bit larger than the bed, so its visible) to add an extra dimension.

Staging your house is oh-so-important when youre looking to sell, as is having beautiful bedrooms to show off to potential buyers. If the bedrooms in your home are on the small side, its a lot easier than you may think to maximize the space in your main and extra bedrooms. All you need are these simple strategies under your belt.

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