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Walls With Wow: How to Give a Room a Clean, Minimalist Vibe (But Not Be Boring)

Contrary to popular belief, minimalist design doesnt mean a home must be bare and boring. It can be hard to resist the temptation to fill every blank space, but you might be surprised how a minimalist look can make a splash. You can add a bit of personality to a space that still stays true to the sleek, chic aesthetic. Wall decor is a great place to start. (But, rule No. 1? If you dont love it, dont hang it.) From creating a gallery wall that features minimalist paintings and prints to mastering the art of styling your shelves with the perfect number of tchotchkes, taking a minimalist approach to your wall decor may be just the clean look youre craving. Here are five easy ways to nail it.

1. Pop some color into

Typically, minimalism is thought to be stark whites and pale beiges, but it can be so much more. Use neutrals as a base but then add some color as an accent. Lets say you are going with the typical neutral scheme, meaning the walls, furniture and fixtures are all in quiet tones. Wall decor is the perfect way to add pops of color. One tip: Consider hanging floating shelves in white, black or natural wood, but fill them with a few colorful items that stand out. A yellow vase here and a turquoise frame there can add some welcome visual energy.

minimalist wall decor inspiration

2. Strike a balance

Framing your wall art  whether its in the minimalist genre or not  doesnt mean you have to choose the simplest designs or materials. Framing can be simple, but theres something to be said for punchier frames in a predominantly minimalist room: Think carved, gilded or colorfully lacquered. Its about striking a balance between simple art and complex frames. A pro tip: If your living room is furnished with just a few neutral pieces, consider a gallery wall  a collection of disparate items hung in a grouping  filled with bold, eclectic art from your travels, to make a statement without adding clutter to the whole room. 

minimalist wall decor ideas

3. Think big

If gallery walls arent your thing, think big. After all, minimalism is about making a statement but without a lot of visual clutter. When youre choosing a piece of minimalist wall art, size does matter. Opt for a large print that has an airy, simplistic vibe to make the room seem bigger. When it comes to personal photos, individually framing them using extra-large mats is a sophisticated way to give them a minimalist vibe, rather than having them feel too small or too busy on a wall if framed in small frames  especially if hung in a row or in a grouping. 

minimalist wall decor

4. Hang art that highlights your hobbies

If you cant find minimalist wall decor that speaks to you, think about your hobbies. Wall decor doesnt have to be just photos, prints or paintings: You can hang all sorts of things on your wall, as art. If you have a collection of old cameras, arrange them on floating shelves. If you love bicycling, you can find a sleek bicycle wall sculpture and hang it as a reminder of your passion. If you love music, hang a row of vintage instruments. There really is something for everyone.

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