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6 Fun (and Unexpected) Ways to Decorate with Plants

Did you become a plant parent during the pandemic quarantine? Your newfound (or maybe longtime) love of plants will come in handy this summer, too, since greenery offers a whole new way to embrace the season. Whether youre planning to decorate your entire house or just one particular room, plants are an inexpensive, easy and fun way to spruce things up. (Plus, they have lots of health benefits!) Even better, if youre selling your home, they can add a lot of life to the rooms when it comes to having the house photographed or for holding an open house that your agent may recommend. From front porches and doorways to showers and bookshelves, here are some fresh and creative ways to decorate with plants.

Make a wonderful welcome

Add some much-needed curb appeal to your house by placing planters near your doorway or around your front-porch swing. Whether you prefer large plants that will stand alone or smaller ones that you can place on the steps leading up to your front door, outdoor plants are a fun way to show off your personality. You can also add some potted floor-level plants  such as birds of paradise or fiddle-leaf figs  just inside the foyer, to blur the lines between indoors and out.

Turn up the taste level in the kitchen

decorating with plants in the kitchen

Spice up your kitchen by putting pots of mint, basil and other herbs in your windowsill. In addition to creating some serious visual appeal, the herbs are also the perfect topping for your next salad, pasta or pizza! Other ways to add greenery to your kitchen? Hang some plants from a skillet rack or give old ceramic bowls and mugs a new lease on life by filling them with succulents.

Bring a little life to your bath

decorating with plants in the bathroom

Plants arent just for pots: You can also hang them from the ceiling for a fun new look. Consider getting a hanging plant to put in your shower, to bring a bit of fresh greenery into your bathroom. You can also line your bathroom window with tiny plants in pots, or wrap some ivy around your mirror. Since most bathrooms get humid, and many are window-free, make sure you get a plant that thrives well in those conditions, such as bamboo or a fern.

Freshen up the bookshelves and bar carts

decorating with plants on bookshelves

Make your living room or library feel even more inviting by placing plants as bookends on your bookshelves or as accessories on a bar cart. To ensure the plants spark conversation and joy, why not plant them in something unexpected such as a teapot or shapely glass jar? You can even paint clay or plastic pots to match your desired color aesthetic. Snake plants, spider plants and peace lilies are all great options for mid-sized decorative plants that can be placed on bookshelves and bar carts. 

Go vertical with gorgeous greens

decorating with plants on the wall

Think outside the box  quite literally  by installing mounted wall planters, macram hangers or floating shelves. You can mix and match the style and location of wall planters as desired to create a space that looks truly sophisticated. From bedrooms to bathrooms to living rooms, wall planters are a great and unusual  addition to any space. Fill the planters with small plants, such as air plants, for the best look.

Just let it hang

decorating with plants in the bedroom

Make your bedroom feel even more luxurious by hanging plants on either side of your headboard. You can also place large planters around the room or on top of a multi-layered wooden plant stand. Smaller plants such as succulents or cactuses also make a nice addition to your nightstands. If you happen to have some dried plants or flowers that you would love to repurpose, why not frame them and hang them on one of your bedroom walls?

By following some of these simple tips, you can transform your house into a beautiful, plant-filled oasis that will truly feel like home  or make prospective buyers feel the same.

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