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7 Ways to Instantly Elevate your Bedroom

After a tumultuous 2020, we all need space for rest and refreshment more than ever before. Your bedroom should provide a quiet escape from the tasks and to-dos of everyday life, but tattered bedding, mounting mail and laundry strewn across the floor can keep your body tense and your mind uneasy.

[Today], there is a real mindfulness toward homes that actually contribute to your health homes that manage light, air and sound, says Robbie Briggs, president and CEO of Briggs Freeman Sotheby's International Realty. We were seeing this trend before the pandemic, and I think its something that should become the norm, ASAP.

For the sake of your mental, emotional and physical well-being, now is the time to transform your bedroom into the luxury retreat you deserve. Apply these seven simple tips ASAP to create a modern bedroom that invites genuine rest and solitude.

Incorporate soft lighting

Abandon your harsh overhead lighting and opt for soft, low-light alternatives. If possible, install a dimmer switch for your main source of light to create a quiet, peaceful ambiance. Place modern lamps strategically throughout the room and select bulbs with warm tones. Use sheer, cream curtains to invite natural light from the outdoors while maintaining some privacy. Finally, top your dresser with scented candles, and if theres space for an electric fireplace, add it to the shopping list.

Upgrade to silk pillowcases

The name alone evokes a sense of sophistication, but silk has more to offer than a smooth and delicate touch. A recent clinical trial revealed silk pillowcases absorb less moisture and dirt than cotton and are gentler on the skin as a result. Research has also indicated silk may be a kinder fabric for your hair as well. Coupled with a textured throw and a cozy down comforter, silk pillowcases will give your bedding the look and feel of luxury.

Hide the electronics

At the end of a long day, its easy to settle in between the couch cushions and flip on Netflix or the news  but this habit likely wont provide a direct route to deep rest. In fact, studies have shown that screen usage before bed can actually create the opposite effect and make it difficult to fall asleep. To truly unplug and unwind, create an evening routine without screens and electronics. Stow your TV in a vintage armoire and leave your tablet and phone in a dresser drawer. A brief reprieve from the infinite scroll will do wonders for your mind and body.

Employ natural woods and neutral colors

To achieve an air of simplicity in your modern bedroom design, leave the loud colors and bold prints at the door. Instead, fill the space with neutral tones and natural elements. Use texture to add character and personality, with details such as linen curtains and an oversized, knitted throw. Consider this home as a model for luxury, which features hardwood floors and soft pastel bedding in the main bedroom.

Add a touch of greenery

This decorative addition offers more than visual appeal: It can also improve your mental and emotional well-being. According to data from researchers at Texas A&M University, people who surround themselves with natural beauty, both at home and outdoors, experience myriad health benefits, from reduced stress to higher productivity and creativity. Place a Silver Pothos plant up high, where the leaves can spill down a wall or bookcase, then add a striking Snake Plant by your dresser or armchair.

Consider a canopy bed

For the ultimate statement piece in your luxury bedroom, select an elegant canopy bed or dramatic four-poster bed frame. This grand addition will draw your eyes to your plush comforter and layered pillows, further emphasizing the feeling of rest. For a romantic vibe, drape your bedframe in simple linen curtains. Or, take a more modern approach with bare, slender black posts. With this cozy centerpiece, youll never want to get out of bed.

Create a reading nook

When you want to disconnect from office obligations and household chores, curl up in a quiet, comfortable reading nook before retiring to bed. Find a corner of the room with space for a small side table and a cozy armchair or two. This stunning bedroom claimed window space for relaxing accent chairs surrounding spectacular windows. Finally, spice up the area with quilted throw pillows and a plush blanket or throw, as well as extra greenery and lighting.

Pictured at top: A luxury bedroom design inspired by California living in our listing at 3932 Touraine Drive in Frisco available for $3,250,000

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