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‘America's Best' again: Briggs Freeman Sotheby's International Realty agents land more top national honors

Briggs Freeman Sotheby's AwardWe are beyond proud to share this post by Candy's Dirt, from Wednesday, June 14, 2023:


Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty Agents Land Top National Honors


Of all the industry awards real estate agents may earn in a year, one comes with extra excitement.


Each year, a firm called RealTrends ranks the top individuals, teams and brokerages in the United States. The company, launched in 1987, bases its various rankings on sales data that is independently verified, which is why folks in the real estate world anxiously await the results.


RealTrends publishes two influential agent rankings: Real Trends + Tom Ferry ‘The Thousand,’ which is what it sounds like — the top 1,000 agents in the entire U.S. based on sales volume or transaction sides — and America’s Best Real Estate Professionals, a further ranking of the top agents in the country, also based on sales volume or transaction sides.


No surprise: Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty always has top agents who make the rankings. (That’s just how it is at the most famous luxury brokerage in North Texas.) This year, though, its Faisal Halum didn’t just earn a spot in The Thousand, announced on June 9, but he is also ranked one of the top 100 agents by sales volume in the entire United States. Furthermore, with sales of more than $180 million in 2022, Halum is now ranked the No. 2 luxury agent in all of Dallas and the No. 3 luxury agent in all of Texas.


But, wait, there’s more: The new America’s Best rankings were just released this morning by RealTrends and the following Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty agents and teams landed spots on that prestigious list. Many of them are returning honorees — even more impressive when you consider that there are more than 1.5 million licensed agents in the U.S. and more than 149,000 in Texas. Here are the Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty honorees:


America’s Best Real Estate Professionals, ranked by RealTrends + Tom Ferry:


Individuals by sides            

Faisal Halum — #11 in Dallas, #220 in Texas


Individuals by volume                                             

Faisal Halum — #2 in Dallas, #3 luxury agent in Texas

Joan Eleazer — 6 in Dallas, 41 in Texas

Pogir — 16 in Dallas, 82 in Texas

Kim Bedwell — 3 in Southlake, 101 in Texas

Lisa Besserer — 21 in Dallas, 135 in Texas

Penny Cook — 25 in Dallas, 173 in Texas

Ashley Mooring — 4 in Fort Worth, 253 in Texas

Rachel Finkbohner — 34 in Dallas, 272 in Texas

Katherine Roberts — 41 in Dallas, 321 in Texas

Melissa Jennings — 43 in Dallas, 345 in Texas

Robert Tyson — 10 in Southlake, 346 in Texas

Diane DuVall — 45 in Dallas, 359 in Texas

Lucy Johnson — 50 in Dallas, 428 in Texas

Gina Lester — 9 in Plano, 430 in Texas

Kyle Richards — 59 in Dallas, 482 in Texas

Jeremy Bravo — 10 in Fort Worth, 519 in Texas

Judy Sessions — 70 in Dallas, 531 in Texas

Bryan Crawford — 74 in Dallas, 559 in Texas

Laura Crowl — 12 in Plano, 578 in Texas

Becky Oliver — 82 in Dallas, 617 in Texas

Ann Shaw — 83 in Dallas, 628 in Texas

Linda Baker — 13 in Plano, 637 in Texas

Nancy Dennis — 22 in Southlake, 674 in Texas


Small teams by volume      

Jobst Randall Group — #21 in Dallas, #33 in Texas

TT Ranch Group — 32 in Dallas, 88 in Texas

Winchester | Steitle Group — 7 in Plano, 116 in Texas

Shelle Carrig TEAM — 45 in Dallas, 148 in Texas

Forke + Shindler Group — 58 in Dallas, 185 in Texas

Vancleve | Garcia Group — 71 in Dallas, 267 in Texas

Hacker Property Group — 17 in Southlake, 272 in Texas

The Raleigh Green Real Estate Group — 17 in Fort Worth, 292 in Texas

The Gioia Goyer Group — 76 in Dallas, 302 in Texas

Tessa Mosteller Real Estate Group — 77 in Dallas, 306 in Texas


Medium teams by sides      

The Spann Group — #9 in Fort Worth, #171 in Texas


Medium teams by volume  

Burgher-Ray Ranch Group — #1 in Dallas, #13 in Texas

The Spann Group — 15 in Fort Worth, 152 in Texas


Talk about wow. Not only are Halum and his Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty brokerage-mates already known as the finest agents in North Texas, they are also ranked the finest agents in the country — or, as RealTrends calls its rankings, “the top 1.5% of agents and teams in the United States.”


With 37 agents and teams ranked as America’s Best out of 149,000-plus licensed agents in Texas, that puts this bunch squarely in the top .025 percent in the entire state. As bests go, it doesn’t get better than that.


Meet all the Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty agents at briggsfreeman.com.

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