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Way beyond the kitchen wall: All the new places that chalkboard paint is going

Chalkboard Paint Interior of HomeIf imagining a chalkboard makes you think of your elementary-school classroom, it’s time to expand your horizons. With chalkboard paint, it has become possible to make almost any surface a blank canvas for creativity. Looking to spruce up your home with a little bit of your artistic energy? Consider these chalkboard-paint projects, below. The best parts? Chalkboard paint now goes beyond the classic matte black finish (it’s available in lots of shades and finishes) and it is quite affordable, often less than $20 per gallon.


The back of a door

Do you have a habit of forgetting your lunch or sunglasses on your way out the door? Use chalkboard paint to create a can’t-miss daily reminder. Paint the back of your front door or the door that leads to your garage, then use it as a place to scribble to-dos, reminders and notes. That way, you’ll see it right before you leave. If you’re hesitant to paint a door black, opt for a different chalkboard wall paint such as green or gray — or choose a color to match your door’s exterior for a more subtle look. 


Chalkboard Paint in BedroomBehind your bed

The beauty of chalkboard paint is that it lets your imagination run free. If you can’t find the headboard of your dreams for your bedroom, why not draw it instead? Paint the wall behind your bed in a favorite shade, then draw on your headboard — and any lamps, art or other décor you may be dreaming of. The result will be a whimsical and personal moment that you can change whenever you feel like it, allowing you to create a space that reflects your evolving style.


Chalkboard Paint in OfficeThe family room

Juggling your family’s schedules can get complicated. Instead of a dry-erase board for your office or entryway, use chalkboard paint to create a highly visible calendar on a family room wall. You can customize the size, style and colors — perhaps using different colors for each person in the house, and one color for the things you’ll all do together. Consider using painter’s tape to create divider lines and maybe a border all the way around, for a professional-looking job. If you prefer one hue entirely, use different shades of chalk for each family member, so it’s simple to see what everyone is up to at a glance.

The refrigerator

Tired of losing those grocery lists that you jot down on the backs of envelopes and on scraps of paper? Create a dedicated area in the kitchen for your grocery list — but not on a wall. For a totally unexpected approach, paint your refrigerator with chalkboard paint and keep track of your grocery needs on the refrigerator, right there in the moment. (But, study up: Know the realities of painting over a factory finish such as enamel or stainless steel before you give this idea a go.)

The kids’ rooms

If your children are aspiring artists — or if they simply need a place to work through their homework — consider outfitting their rooms with chalkboard walls. They can express themselves, solve tough math problems or write out their spelling words in a dedicated area that’s more interactive than working on paper. To make it even more fun, consider creating a color-blocked or rainbow design with different shades of chalkboard wall paint. The result? A practical way for them to express their creativity and a fun final result that you’ll love looking at.


Chalkboard Paint Above DeskAny room, really

Living in an unadorned interior? Use chalkboard paint and draw in some decorative features! If you long for details such as crown moldings or chair rails, paint a room in chalkboard paint and apply those details yourself. This whimsical approach will give your room the character you’ve been craving — at a very affordable price. (A gallon of chalkboard paint is about $20.) What’s more, you can change the look whenever you wish. This way, it’s simple to transform your space from English-inspired wainscoting to Southern shiplap: All you need is a little imagination and some artistic talent.

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