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4 Easy Ways to Elevate Your Entryway (and Impress Buyers) with Feng Shui

feng shui your entryway

Much like the curb appeal of the whole house, a welcoming entryway can make all the difference when it comes to first impressions. Those few steps from front door to foyer give visitors an initial glimpse into your home — and have the power to sway potential buyers in your favor. One way to elevate the entrance? Follow the principles of feng shui, “the Chinese art or practice of creating harmonious surroundings that enhance the balance of yin and yang,” says, “as in arranging furniture or determining the siting of a house.” According to this ancient philosophy, the front entrance of the home is the “mouth of chi,” meaning it serves as the primary portal for chi, or energy, to enter the home. Thus, a well-balanced entryway invites positive energy into the space and effectively sets the tone for the entire home. Here are four simple ways to achieve entryway feng shui:  

1. Add a welcoming welcome mat

A well-designed doormat is an easy way to ensure visitors feel welcome when they arrive at your door. Accenting your doorstep with this chic yet functional accessory adds to the front exterior’s overall appeal and helps keep the home’s interiors tidy. Ideally, the mat should be approximately the same width as the door or slightly wider — anything smaller than the door width looks disproportionate. The mat should be as close to mint condition as possible, as excess wear and tear only detracts from the entryway’s otherwise positive energy. 

feng shui your entryway

2. Consider a paint job 

While your front door’s color should certainly complement the rest of your home’s exterior, there is another factor to consider when choosing your hue: the five elements of feng shui. Each element is associated with one or more colors as well as a cardinal and/or ordinal direction. Determining which direction your door faces and selecting a paint color that corresponds with said direction is one way to incorporate these elements into your entryway. Here, a color compass for your front door:

If it faces south

South corresponds to the fire element, which is embodied by the colors red, orange and yellow. 

If it faces east or southeast

East and southeast are associated with deep green, brown and, according to some practitioners, purple — all hues tied to the element of wood. 

If it faces north

Blue is linked to the water element, which has a corresponding direction of north. 

If it faces west or northwest

The metal element is aptly associated with black, gray, silver and white, with west and northwest as its corresponding directions. 

If it faces northeast or southwest

Muted shades of brown and beige represent the element of earth — and northeast and southwest, direction-wise. 

3. Declutter the walkway

Any paths from the exterior to the front door — and then through the entry hall — should be neat, clean and obstacle-free, allowing for maximum open space. Eliminating unnecessary objects, both outside and inside, is essential in feng shui, as clutter can serve as a hindrance to positive energy trying to enter the home. Plus, as a rule of thumb, keeping a clear walkway is a good idea — both practically and aesthetically. A tidy entrance signifies to visitors (including potential buyers) that your home is well-maintained and inviting.

feng shui your entryway

4. Embrace the power of plants

While adorning your front porch with potted plants adds to the home’s curb appeal, incorporating houseplants into your foyer can help your home feel more balanced — the overarching goal in feng shui. According to the ancient practice, certain plants promote positive energy, such as jasmine, bamboo and aloe vera, while other varieties are associated with “sha chi,” or sharp energy, and therefore should not be kept in the home. (Think cacti and other thorny plants.) Dead and dying greenery is also said to bring forth negative vibes, so be sure to water plants regularly and trim away any dead bits. An added bonus of indoor blooms? Scientific studies show houseplants improve air quality and reduce stress levels, which can only improve your entryway’s positive chi. 

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