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Good wood: Behind the allure of natural wood finishes — from baseboards to countertops

natural wood finishes

From cabinetry to butcher-block countertops, natural wood elements are making a comeback — and it’s easy to see why. Whether you want to add an entire wood accent wall or some stylish wooden chairs in the living room, incorporating wood into a home can add an easy sense of warmth, nature and elegance. Here are five reasons why homeowners and buyers are increasingly impressed by houses with natural wood finishes.

Wood is timeless 

In contrast to busy backdrops and patterned wallpaper — as fun and energetic as they can be — natural wood finishes have stood the test of time. Whether you fancy deep wood baseboards in your living room or rustic barn-style doors and woodsy fireplace mantels, natural wood finishes add a timeless sense of craftsmanship to any dwelling. If you’re planning to add wood elements while renovating your home, you can start small (by purchasing wood end tables, for instance) and gradually make the changes more permanent (such as installing new hardwood floors or cabinets or a countertop). 

Wood brings the outdoors in

With more and more people working from home, homeowners are becoming increasingly appreciative of bringing the outdoors in. While simple design choices such as purchasing plants and wicker baskets can be a great way to add a more natural look to your home, clean-lined and modern wood furniture creates an organic feel in any room. Bringing the outdoors in can also make your home feel more peaceful. Meanwhile, certain permanent features such as wainscoting and wood ceiling beams just may increase your home’s appeal when you’re ready to list it. A sleek Contemporary home warms up instantly given a slatted wood wall in a living room or bedroom, for example, or a ceiling of burnished walnut planks.

natural wood finishes on countertops

Wood makes for durable furniture and features

As homeowners search for long-lasting materials that will remain sturdy and reliable, many are forgoing plastic-, particle board- and laminate-made options in favor of real wood furniture. Built to last, wood furniture and other design features — such as natural wood cabinets — make the home feel grounded and welcoming while the natural grain is a perfect fit for a minimalist style. Kitchens, too, are a soulful showcase for natural wood: clear-stained cabinetry and even countertops crafted of hardy woods are gaining on the painted and stone-topped cabinets that are very much in vogue.

Wood is versatile

Wood is an extremely versatile material, so you can use it within various design aesthetics, no matter the home’s architecture — from rustic to ultra-modern. You can also decorate with wood both inside and outdoors, from dining tables to outdoor furniture. You can experiment with mixing and matching different types of wood, too, to create a look that feels creative yet cohesive.

Wood is sustainable

Responsibly sourced wood is the only renewable building material, which means that wood pieces are a more eco-friendly way to decorate your home. Investing in wood pieces and design features is a tangible way to create a more sustainable environment — not only a great aesthetic choice but also good for the planet.

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