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Curb Appeal: Five Little Touches That Could Pay Big Dividends

Curb Appeal Landscaping

According to a joint study by the University of Alabama and the University of Texas at Arlington, curb appeal can boost a home’s value by 7 percent on average — and twice that for homes in slower real estate markets. So, whether you’re trying to add value before you put your home on the market or simply hoping to better match your personal design aesthetic, it’s well worth it to invest the time and money needed to update your home’s landscaping, front porch curb appeal and exterior. Here are five ways to add fresh touches — without clashing with your home’s original architecture.

Add a fresh coat of paint

Repainting your house’s exterior is a simple yet highly effective first step. Opt for a color that is subtle and neutral, since anything too bright or wild can negatively affect would-be buyers’ perceptions of the house. If you don’t want to repaint the entire house, consider repainting just the door. (Not sure which color to choose? A Zillow Paint Color Analysis found that a black front door could boost your home’s value by 2.9 percent.) While you’re at it, you can also replace old-fashioned doorknobs with sleek brass or copper options.

front porch curb appeal

Reimagine the landscaping

Start by making sure your lawn is regularly mowed and that your trees and bushes are routinely trimmed. Next, consider adding some flower beds or porch curtains to give your exteriors a welcoming look. And don’t forget to add an elegant doormat or door wreath. If you have a front porch, consider installing a swing or adding some outdoor furniture to make it look even more inviting. Though landscaping can be expensive, it’s well worth the investment: Research from Virginia Tech found that well-landscaped lawns could boost a property’s value by up to 12 percent.

Replace lighting and home numbers

Make it easier and safer to get home at night by installing new exterior lights that will illuminate your driveway. You can also invest in landscape lighting, which will help guests get safely in and out at night in addition to making sure your landscaping stands out. If your house’s numbers are old or faded, replace them with new numbers. A modern touch: Make sure the numbers match the color of your home’s exterior for the most seamless aesthetic. 

Add window boxes

For a simple yet fun way to add a pop of color to your home’s facade, install window boxes. From wood to copper to brass, you can easily find a variety of materials and styles to accent your home. Fill them with your favorite flowers, plants, or herbs for a fun (and practical) statement piece. Bonus points: You can then pick bouquets of flowers — or herbs for dinner — as desired.

Invest in outdoor art

front porch curb appeal

Put your personality on display by purchasing some art for your front yard. From artists’ sculptures to architectural fountains to modernist wind chimes, you can easily elevate your yard with some well-placed pieces. For a unique way to show off some additional greenery, consider commissioning a living green wall. Water features such as waterfalls or koi ponds are another great way to make your front yard a welcoming oasis.

With summer right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to up your curb-appeal game and create a beautiful home that you — and potential buyers — can’t wait to come home to. 

Want more advice on curb appeal? Chat with one of our experienced agents today about what they recommend, based on what they know buyers love to see. No one knows best.

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