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Real estate is a grand adventure — reminiscent of sailing around the world. You wouldn’t set sail upon the great and unpredictable waves of the ocean without a trustworthy captain. Whether it’s the purchase of an existing home or the building of a new one, few navigate the waters with the grace and expertise of Jessica Garland.

Born into a family of land developers and business entrepreneurs, her parents and grandparents developed neighborhoods, shopping centers, and apartment complexes. When it came time to start her own career, Jessica followed suit. She began her journey in the world of luxury and high-end hospitality, then transitioned to global real estate. She specializes in serving above and beyond the expectations of even the most particular and noteworthy clientele. Creating an atmosphere of quality is what she does, and now she combines her career with her family's legacy to serve her home of Fort Worth, Texas.

Having grown up raising livestock on hundreds of acres of land, Jessica loves Fort Worth. She spends her time playing pickleball, golfing, or exploring the many events and family-owned businesses in this wonderful city. She loves that Fort Worth has the humble small-town culture she grew up in, yet contains within it the luxury and possibility of the world. This love for her city and the people in it is an important part of her work, but where Jessica truly shines is in her love for architecture.

Over time serving her clients, Jessica developed a keen interest in home design. To this day, she spends much of her free time learning the specifics of custom home building, architecture, and design. There is a deep art and beauty in the building of a home. This is not just a structure, but a place of life. It's where we live our lives, where we leave every morning and come back to every night. Where we raise our children, start businesses, celebrate holidays, and create memories. The floors, corners, windows and the very walls should beautify and enliven. This is Jessica's great passion: making that beauty a reality.

In essence, Jessica Garland is one of the few specialists who are not only capable of facilitating the common real estate needs and home building, but making it a luxury experience beyond expectation. She comes from a long line of land developers, and combined with her deep passion for architecture and real estate, Jessica Garland is an unmatched navigator for her clients. From the first step to the last, Jessica brings ease, beauty, and professionalism to the entire process of creating and finding your dream home. If that is your destination, Jessica Garland is your guide.

Jessica Garland

  • Global Real Estate Advisor
4828 Camp Bowie Blvd
Fort Worth, Texas 76107 United States