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As a licensed realtor and investor, Jay Virk is focused, determined, and fiercely passionate about helping real estate buyers, sellers and investors achieve their goals through a smooth and fulfilling experience. Serving clients in North Texas and the surrounding areas, Jay leverages his in-depth knowledge of the local market to give his clients a comprehensive education and empower them to make wise and well-informed decisions.

Before joining real estate, Jay spent more than four years in the oil and gas industry. He draws on his unique experiences to sharpen his business sense, negotiation skills and interpersonal and problem-solving abilities. An empathetic listener and a detail-oriented realtor, Jay ensures that no question or concern ever goes unaddressed.

As a great facilitator, Jay helps buyers find a place to call home within their budget range. A skilled marketer, he goes above and beyond to help sellers showcase their properties to a broad audience of potential buyers which leads to more viewings and ultimately gets them top dollar for their property. Further, Jay helps investors in finding the best deals that yield a high return on their investment in the shortest time possible.

He is renowned for his work ethic, great communication skills, customer service, and willingness to meet and exceed clients’ expectations, making him a “go-to” realtor. His colleagues compliment him for his progressive and dynamic nature, analytical skills and managerial expertise which have earned his clients’ trust and confidence and forged strong and lasting professional relationships.

During his free time, Jay enjoys reading about business and investment options as he seeks to stay ahead of the latest developments in the market. He loves food, cars, watches, and enjoys spectator sports. When you entrust Jay with a duty, he will never fail to deliver. Contact him today for the best experience as you turn your real estate dreams into reality.

Jay Virk

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7301 Lone Star Drive
Suite A-115 Plano, Texas 75024 United States
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