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DeAnna Haun is a 5th generation Texan. Born and raised in the heart of the beautiful Kessler Park neighborhood, she graduated with honors from Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in the Dallas Art District where she was the concertmaster of the orchestra for several years.

Since studying Physics, Philosophy and Mathematics at NYU, her professional life has included the fashion industry, database administration during the dot-com boom, and a twenty-year yoga business. Equally diverse, she has lived in New York City, Los Angeles, and Dallas. Having spent significant time in London, her international network has grown into the thousands.

Now firmly grounded in Dallas, she’s committed to investing her experience and expertise back into the city she knows best. Aside from her fundraising for the North Texas Food Bank and Family Gateway, her love of all things Dallas has called her into the real estate industry. With an ingrained understanding of each neighborhood’s distinctive characteristics, DeAnna is empowered to find her clients their unique fit in both home and community. Her attention to detail, global awareness, local prowess and methodical approach make her a perfect real estate partner.

DeAnna Haun

  • Global Real Estate Advisor
3131 Turtle Creek Blvd.
4th & 5th Floor Dallas, Texas 75219 United States

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DeAnna is a professional in every aspect of her work. She brings to real estate a unique ability to research on behalf of her clients (she's smart), regional knowledge (she's a lifelong Texan), and tenacity (she's unstoppable). Sellers and buyers, get ready for an unparalleled service experience.

Christine Allison, Editor-In-Chief & CEO of D Magazine
I have known Deanna from the time she was a child. Her personality, good taste, intelligence, social responsibility and smile separated her from others. Deanna has the ability to relate to people in such a way as to invite conversation. She has an impressive resume of work and life experience. What a perfect combination of personality and skills to apply to the real-estate business! My family was in this business in Louisiana and I recognized her talent for it early in her life. I am delighted to recommend her as your agent!
Tommy Broussard, Executive Director of National Network Operations – retired, Fortune 500 company