Real Estate Agent
What sets Shelly Forrest apart? She knows Fort Worth and wants to use that knowledge to help newcomers and those native to Fort Worth alike discover the best fit for their families and their needs.

A warm and bubbly spirit with a passion for her Fort Worth community, Shelly has a natural knack for understanding how to help others. She was born and raised in Graham, Texas, and has been a resident of Fort Worth since 2000.

Shelly has been surrounded by sales trainers most of her adult life. Along the way, she picked up many insights and best practices, especially when it comes to listening. Combined with her genuine understanding of people and their needs, Shelly is a natural fit for real estate.

Shelly has dedicated the last twelve years to raising her two children, Saunders and Mary Jane, and their fluffy dog, Happy. She is passionate about many things and never hesitates to try something new. Shelly has her yoga certification and a culinary degree. She is also a level two graduate of Fort Worth improv group Four Day Weekend and has attended Business Mastery with Tony Robbins.

With her approachability and easy-going manner, Shelly puts her clients at ease because they know she has their best interests at heart. Shelly has built three custom homes in Fort Worth. She knows the value of a good real estate agent and is truly invested in making her clients’ lives easier.

Shelly Forrest

  • Global Real Estate Advisor
4828 Camp Bowie Blvd
Fort Worth, Texas 76107 United States