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Leslie Thornton, a child of an airline executive father and native Texan mother, was born in Colorado where she spent her early childhood prior to moving to Houston before settling down in Dallas as a fourth- generation resident of the Park Cities. Having a commercial real estate broker grandfather coupled with parents who had moved several times and loved touring homes and researching neighborhoods, influenced her greatly from a very young age and sparked a passion and curiosity that has lasted over Leslie’s lifetime.

Studying English and political science in college, Leslie was determined that a career in law was going to be her future. However, an opportunity arose to work for a custom home builder out of college and she has never looked back. Leslie considers herself a lifelong student who is constantly seeking out new opportunities for knowledge and growth including her current desire to learn new languages. This thirst for education and growth is a quality that she constantly shares with clients as she strives to provide value in every way that she can.

Leslie also has a very strong curiosity and interest in history, art, architecture and design. She has experience assisting a prominent local interior designer which has been a tremendous opportunity to learn and better serve her clients who are needing suggestions on home design.

A natural connector of people, Leslie embraces the opportunity to really get to know the needs, desires and wishes of the buyers and sellers with whom she works. From investors looking for business opportunities, to retirees looking for the perfect sanctuary in which to settle down, Leslie strives to delve deeply into what is most important to her clients and truly develops long-lasting friendships along the way. She feels it is important to be a trusted advisor, as well as a confidant who understands the ups and downs of real estate transactions. Leslie is very invested in all her clients and is obsessed with providing the highest value and service.. She seamlessly transitions between helping investors and developers find hidden gem properties and seeking out the warmest, coziest family homes.

A lover of travel and different cultures, Leslie is thrilled to be a part of the Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty family. She appreciates the opportunity that is created with the affiliation of a landmark North Texas brokerage and Sotheby’s International Realty to assist people around the globe. She has encountered an amazingly strong network of agents across several continents.

In her free time, Leslie enjoys reading, travelling, and music. She is actively involved with local non-profit and volunteer organizations and loves to give back to the community.

Leslie Thornton

  • Global Real Estate Advisor
6301 Gaston Avenue
P170 Dallas, Texas 75214 United States